How DeTon Works

DeTon operates as an advanced utility platform that facilitates swift and seamless asset transfers between the Ethereum and TON blockchains. Below is a detailed explanation of how DeTon works, including its supported transfers, integration of video and image recognition technology, and the role of its utility token, $DETON.


DeTon streamlines the process of asset conversion by providing users with a user-friendly platform that simplifies complex blockchain interactions. Through DeTon, users can seamlessly convert their assets between Ethereum (ETH) and TON, enabling efficient portfolio management and diversification.

Supported Transfers

  1. Eth to Ton: Users can convert Ethereum (ETH) tokens to TON tokens seamlessly. This feature allows users to transition between the Ethereum and TON ecosystems effortlessly.

  2. Ton to Eth: Similarly, users can convert TON tokens to Ethereum (ETH) tokens with ease. This functionality enables users to move assets between the TON and Ethereum blockchains as needed.

  3. Ton to Ton (Anonymously) (Coming soon): DeTon is working on introducing a feature that allows users to anonymously convert TON tokens to TON tokens. This upcoming feature will provide enhanced privacy and security for users.

  4. Transfer Eth/Ton: DeTon enables users to transfer Ethereum (ETH) or TON tokens to designated wallets seamlessly. This feature facilitates efficient asset transfers within the DeTon platform.

Role of Utility Token ($DETON)

DeTon introduces its utility token, $DETON, which serves multiple purposes within the platform:

  • Fee Discounts: Users can utilize $DETON tokens to receive discounts on transaction fees within the DeTon platform, making asset conversion more cost-effective.

  • Governance Rights: Holders of $DETON tokens have governance rights within the DeTon ecosystem, allowing them to participate in decision-making processes and vote on platform updates and changes.

  • Incentivizing Liquidity Providers: DeTon incentivizes liquidity providers by rewarding them with $DETON tokens, encouraging liquidity provision and enhancing the overall liquidity of the platform.

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